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 A Short History of Llanelly

 Chronology of  Llanelly

 1851 Census Names Index

 Maps of  Llanelly

 Llanelly  Marriages 1813-1837

 Llanelly  Burials 1813-1837

 Llanelly  Baptisms 1813-1837

 Llanelly St Davids Diocese Testators Wills Index 1564-1858

 Non- Conformist Church & Chapel Registers & Where they  can be found

 Old  Llanelly

 Public Houses of  Llanelly  in 1891

 Local Placenames

 Llanelly House

 Llanelly Geology 1902

 Churches & Chapels of  Llanelly, There Records and Where they can be found

 Llanelly Register of Electors 1833

 Old Photographs of Llanelly

 Whitford Lighthouse

 St Paul's Church

 St Elli Parish Church

 Noteworthy Inhabitants

 The Old Schools

 Local Constabulary 1897

 Telephone Book 1897


 Lead & Silver Industries

 The Coal Industry

 The Ironworks

 Early Tinplate

 Tram Roads & Canals




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